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18.06.2003, 01:13
Hello, everyone, I would like to thank you in advance for help on this topic!!

I am trying to play NeverWinter Nights. I install the game fine, but when I use the image of the play cd with daemon tools to try and start up playing, I don't get anywhere.

The game never starts up, but when i hit ctrl + alt + del i can see that game is running as a process in the background.

I have securom emulation checked off in daemon tools, and i've even tried selecting all forms of emulation, but the same thing happens every time.

Thank you!!!

18.06.2003, 01:29
How did you make the image?

18.06.2003, 01:59
I did not make the image. DEViANCE did.

<poor excuse, or justification?>
BUT, I would like to say that I buy games I enjoy. I believe in supporting developers, if I like the game I REALLY do buy it. This is just one step up from a demo. I have played so many sh*t games, that personally, I am glad I do this.
</poor excuse, or justification?>

So, I don't know if I can get any support on this forum or not, but if I don't could someone direct me to a place that would give support?


18.06.2003, 02:03
Nope. We can't give you support for illegal images. Topic locked. I'm a nice admin so I won't ban you this time :lol: