View Full Version : i can't post?

01.02.2006, 09:22
yeah seems like i cannot post on forum, they get deleted straight away or something

01.02.2006, 16:29
The forums are moderated (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=6470).

30.06.2006, 11:16
so what your saying is,..that if i write something somebody desides to put something on the topic or not?:confused: it's al little bit anoying because i wrote quite a long story(full with facts) about my problem, and now it just didn't showed up... do you have to pay or something before your post are showen:confused: ??

30.06.2006, 12:16
moderators diside if it appears on the forum.
so, no, you dont have to pay before your post is show..

you just have to wait!

30.06.2006, 12:17
Your Posts will be shown up immediately when you have 20 posts and more. And only post which breakes the rules won't be shown up.

30.06.2006, 12:25
yeah thx anyway for you reply, but as new as a I am i didn't took the time to read all posts , so know I know that you indeed have to post 20 posts and from that point on you can also use more functions on this site:) so my mistake..*blush* won't happen again;)