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18.06.2003, 11:14
Dude. There I was, thinking about how a program such as Daemon Tools should work... on an interface level only. About how it, as a tool, should be accessible to the user.

This behaves in exactly the most optimal fashion I was able to think of.

Thank you very much for making this available. You rock.


18.06.2003, 16:54
We appreciate any compliment greatly and we are happy that you find our software useful :)

(and you can contribute to our development HERE (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/dt_register.php))

30.10.2003, 05:48
I too would like to thank you guys for your hard work, and especially for giving it away. Its next to impossible to find good software let alone great freeware any more, and you guys have really done a great job!

29.11.2003, 12:44

I liked it so much I just bought a copy, very good value. Thanks.