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18.06.2003, 21:14
Okay, I don't exactly understand how to use Daemon. The main reason I downloaded this was to make an image of Diablo II and play it without the CD, because my brother also plays and we only have 1 Play Disc. I really have no clue at all as to how to go about doing that. Please help.:)

18.06.2003, 23:48
Every step you need to perform is well documented. I suggest you read the manuals of the programs you're intending to use first.

If you don't know how to rip the CD (i.e. transfer it to your harddrive) I suggest you have a look at Alcohol 120% (http://www.alcohol-software.com) to do it; it is just as well documented as Daemon-Tools. Also have a look in their forum if you need some help: Both's (Alcohol's and Daemon-Tools') search functions are a quick way to find answers to many questions without having to wait for somebody to answer.

I don't mean to be rude by posting this, please do not take it as an offence... It's just impossible for us to tell every single user how to copy, burn, emulate or whatever their games. That's what manuals, FAQs, and forums are for - a publicly accessable compendium of (often frequently) asked and already answered questions.

Have fun! sG

19.06.2003, 08:00
Reading is understanding... LOL :)

19.06.2003, 15:58
Just another question. Does Daemon-Tools have popups? Because now when I play Diablo 2 using DT, when the only things open are Diablo, DT, and my internet, I sometimes get popups randomly.

19.06.2003, 16:21
No, Daemon Tools does not connect to the internet.
But you should know that Blizzard added a lot of spy activities in newer updates of D2!

19.06.2003, 17:52
Except earlier that day, before I used DT for Diablo 2, I didn't get any popups at all.

19.06.2003, 18:15
What kind of pop-ups btw?

19.06.2003, 21:31
I don't look at them much, but some of them are ads for popup blockers. Kinda ironic, don't ya think?

19.06.2003, 21:58
Well, whatever it is, I think you should check your system with some anti-virus and Ad-aware software :!:

21.06.2003, 18:05
Okay thanks guys, just 1 final question. Well, 2.

How long does the Alcohol 120% trial last?
Also, are there any programs that are just as good as Alcohol 120%, but free?

21.06.2003, 19:39
30 days.