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21.11.2002, 13:53
I'm going to install Linux Mandrake 9.0 , but i was wondering if deamon tools runs under mandrake.

Can i have some support about this question ?

thnx in advance

21.11.2002, 14:36
Nope. D-Tools is very, very OS depending. And as there are simply no protected Linux CDs and moreover Linux CAN mount ISO-Files as CD-ROMs there's not much use in porting it (which we wouldn't have the time for anyway).

12.12.2002, 20:47
hi there, does anyone know how to mount a .bin file as a drive in Linux. I have some info that says I can mount .iso files but I cant find anything about .bin Do I need to convert the .bin to .iso? How? Please help its driving me mad


13.12.2002, 17:48
u can't mount bin file on its own.

First u need the right cue-file
Second, linux can not mount cue-files

U can try to convert is to .iso and mount it that way of couse

23.12.2002, 10:10
Use this to convert bin/cue to iso: