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18.06.2003, 21:26
Hi: Just installed Daemon on two machines. No problems on one, but I'm having some trouble with my desktop machine. I've got an iso image and the drive reads it fine, since I'm able to run an install program from the image under Daemon. However, when I go to boot the program, which is intended to run from a CD, it gives me the error in a white box "system error windows cannot read from drive G", and then I get the choices of abort, ignore or cancel. If I cancel, it will go to drive H, and then drive I, which is the virtual drive the image is on. When that happens the program runs fine. So, for some reason it's trying to find the data file it needs in drive G instead of drive I, the virtual drive. I tried clean installing this diskimage, since I had first tried to install from drive G. Obviously something is telling this program to find the data files in drive G. Any thoughts on where I might be able to change this parametre? Much obliged. (Great proggie BTW!!)
Running Win98SE

18.06.2003, 21:56
Some Programs requier to be run from the first CD-Drive. In your case I guess it's drive G:

Some Programs store the drive letter in registry, some don't.
And maybe because you once installed it from drive G:, it's possible that old registry-settings caused your problem, but this is only guess.

Run regedit and search for the program you installed, maybe you're lucky and find the settings. Another option is to swap the driveletters, so that your virtual drive is drive G:

19.06.2003, 00:15
Hi: I think you may be right that this program may look for the first drive. I notice that Daemon has made itself the first cd drive on the other machine. I'll try reorganizing the drive letters using drive mapper or something like that. That will probably take care of the problem. Thanx for the tips. I'll post again if this doesn't solve the problem. Cheers,

19.06.2003, 01:32
Ok, you were right that the program required the disk to be in the first cdrom drive... i changed the letters around and it works!!! here's a page on how to do that in case, like me, you don't know http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article02-024
Great program!!! and good forum too.
PD 8)

19.06.2003, 03:09
Thank you, we always appreciate compliments

here's a page on how to do that in case, like me, you don't know

I thought this is common knowledge, but I guess I was wrong :wink: