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03.02.2006, 18:35
I use Dtools 347. Game is Battlefield 2 DVD . image made with Alcohol 120% . problem is ...I patched BF2 with new version 1.12 now when I try to run game it gos to black screen then back to desktop.
any help here ?

03.02.2006, 19:05
why on earth dont u use DT4.03?

03.02.2006, 21:45

Your description does not provide a clue to as how D-Tools would be the problem here. What it does point to is the patch. Now I have no idea what the patch did, but... I have noticed that game companies do like re-configure thier graphics and sound settings.

I would check to see if your video or sound card drivers need to be updated.

Cookie cutter responce? Sure? But since you black screen first, it seems like the game is trying to initialize the video system then its running into an error.

You might be able to employ a switch with that game to adjust it to 800x600 resolution. That generally allows one to enter the game then make changes...

aka: most likely the patch reset the reso to 800x600 but the config file is telling it that you prefer 1280x and its messing up :)

Do you have other games that you employ Dtools with? Do they work ok?

05.02.2006, 01:17
problem solved ...not sure what upgrading to DT4.03 (LooDos)
but it worked.