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18.06.2003, 20:27
we are distributing some Software in a Netware 6 & ZEN 4.0.1 environment.

If needed we want to Install daemon tools. The ZEN distribution allows to distribute an msi-File, as well as setting registry-entries, adding and starting files, chaining several applications - everything one wil need. The only thing we can't manage with distribution of daemon-tools is determine how many and which driveletters are created.

Is there any registry-entry we can set for changing the driveletter?


Stefan from Hamburg, Germany

18.06.2003, 23:48
one possibility here is to use drive mapper; it's part of powerquest's utility partition magic. go to http://www.partitionmagic.com/ to find out more info. this utility allows you to rearrange drive letters until your heart's content, among other powerful features. there may be other utilities around that do the same thing.
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19.06.2003, 00:30
sorry about the last reply... :oops: :oops: :oops: i realized that drive mapper won't actually do what I suggested... here's a great page of instructions on how to change the drive letters for various operating systems... it's quite simple to do really. go to
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25.11.2004, 14:17
finally we did it by executing a BTEWin-Script after installation & reboot:


Daemondrives 1
Daemonletter 0, U