View Full Version : Daemon wouldn't run

03.02.2006, 20:55
I d/led the subject version this morning and successfully installed it on my 1Ghz pc. Buit when I clicked on the desktop icon. Nothing happened. It wouldn't run. So I went to the program files located the daemon diredctory and double clicked on daemon.exe. Again the program would not run.
So I used the unistall program and then d/led the ver 3.47 and installed that. Same results it would not run. Then unistalled 3.47 and also deleted windows/system32/drivers/sptd.sys and sptd3693.sys and then tried reloading
Again it installed fine but it just wouldn't run the daemon.exe file

03.02.2006, 21:39
Do you see the tray icon? If not, check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.

04.02.2006, 20:22
I do have the tray icon. When I click on it I see unmount all drives and under that is Device 0: [D:/
When I first clicked on that it said it was loading daemon tools but nothing appears

05.02.2006, 02:52
Try right clicking instead of left clicking.

05.02.2006, 12:31
Left click opens mount menu, right click opens options menu - seems Daemon Tools is working ok.