View Full Version : Standard PC and D-Tools Question

04.02.2006, 06:25
Anyone know how to add in a range of IRQs available for The SCSI // RAID program D-Tools is using? I browsed the .inf and the registry... and I realize the new version is set up so that D-Tools can still do its job in the ever changing tech world BUT...

Is it possible to set up another Basic config for the Device manager so that I can choose an IRQ for D-Tools like I can choose the I/O ?

Can I redirect the registry PNP config to the SCSI inf? Or possibly Create an INF for Windows Add/ remove programs so that DTools Raid manager is listed and hence: add in IRQs that way?

I'll answer the logical question first for myself: "I'm not using 4.03 Because this machine is on switched to a Standard PC."

It will remain this way till I figure out how to break the HAL. The answer to the questions above this one will surely bring me one step closer.. ( yaaaa ima n00b and I dont got a clue what im doin or i would have switched all my driver inf's to legacy devices a long time ago :))