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19.06.2003, 06:44
Does anyone have an idea on the type of protection of the Settlers 3 game? It's made by BlueByte and it's not listed in your database.
I tried it with SecuROM and SafeDisk and it didn't work with either of them... Any help would be appreciated, and YES! - I know it's an old game but I still like to play it... :)

19.06.2003, 09:00
the german Version of that game (then called "Die Siedler 3") had an self made copy protection by Blue Byte with many bad sectors in a specific pattern. It was really a crap protection because its check routine in the game did not give an error message like "Please insert original CD" but rendered the game unplayable in some ways. The iron factory produced pigs instead of iron bars, the trees did not grow out and so on...

To copy it you need a drive which is able to read bad sectors really fast (like a Toshiba DVD) and use Alcohol with the "Ring Protect" reading scheme, schould work this way.



21.06.2003, 19:59
Oh, so it's the RingProtect scheme... OK, good to know that... I'll try it out :)

Thanks for the tip!