View Full Version : My Real CD/DVD Drives Don't work "Device is not Connected"

05.02.2006, 01:55
After installing DT, my CDROM and DVDRW drives are there, but neither of the now work. When a CD or DVD disc is in either of the drives, and you double click the drive to open it, a windows error message pops up saying

"F:\ is not accessible. The device is not connected." I have uninstalled DT but still have this problem with my drives.

05.02.2006, 12:17
Did you unplug your drives? Check if they are connected correctly.

05.02.2006, 20:26
Yes my drives are physically connected. They show up in the device manager and in explorer. They are also detected in the BIOS. If I uninstall them in device manager and reboot, they are detected and reinstalled on reboot but they still dont work. I have a dual boot with Windows 2000 and Linux on this computer. When I boot into linux they work just fine, but after installing DT, they no longer work in Windows. Has anybody got a clue. I have now removed DT and even removed the scsi emulator with the sptdinst_x86 remove routine and my CDROM/DVDRW drives are still there but still do not work. Even the "eject" option doesn't work when you right click one of the drives. This is somehow related to DT because they worked fine before installing it.....

06.02.2006, 06:23
I Got it working again. I uninstalled both non working drives in the device manager, then shut the computer down and unplugged both drives. Then started up Windows again with no CD or DVD drives connected. Then I shut back down again and connected the CD drive only and started windows. The drive was found and was working this time. Then I shut back down, connected the DVD drive and started windows with both drives connected. The DVD drive was detected and was also working. The only thing, the CD drive use to be F and now is G, and the DVD use to be G and now is F.

After I got both drives working, I re-installed DT and so far everything is working fine. Not sure what went wrong earlier...

06.02.2006, 20:18
Nice that it's working now,
To get your old drive letters go to start->Run and type in diskmgmt.msc
There you can change them by right-clicking on the drives.
Then choose for your dvd-drive any letter but not F and then change the cd-drive letter to F, which ws the original drive letter. Then you can change the letter of the dvd-drive to G.

17.02.2006, 22:46
They show up in the device manager and in explorer.

Same thing happened with me using 64-bit Windows. Only one of my three optical drives managed to show up in explorer.

I then noticed two MacroVision drivers (with random filenames) that weren't present before. As soon as I removed those, everything returned to normal. (dnnnnn.sys, where n was an integer, their property pages fingered MacroVision)

08.06.2007, 04:16
I have the exact same problem that nmventure had. It started after i formated and came back from vista to XP.
I tried unplugging, shutting down computer, etc. but didn't work..
any other ideas?