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06.02.2006, 17:19
lately I have been having a few problems with D-Tools...
I have been running D-Tools 3.47 parallel for a while without experiencing any problems. But then I needed to install daemon tools 3.29 because of a fastboot image that doesn't work otherwise (or at least not that I know)...

well, the installation finished with the message "can't initialize scsi-drivers" or something, so I rebooted and got a Blue Screen Of Death, saying that an phyical image had to be created because some drivespace had been accessed that shouldn't or something, and that I should reboot and look if it would be working then and if it didn't I should access safemode and uninstall recent software and contact the delevopers and all that blabla. I'm german and run a german version of XP so it's kinda hard to translate that stuff 1:1.

(I don't know if it is related, but I had been running the Nero ImageDrive because I wanted to test if it would work with that, but forgot to quit/disable it before attempting to install 3.29. The installation had a long pause until I finally noticed I had been running imagedrive and quit it. Then it finished with the above error.)

After a few reboots because I forgot the key I needed to press to enter safemode (which all failed after the login screen with a BSOD) I uninstalled 3.29 and after rebooting I now got the annoying "new device found: plug and play bios extension" message. I actually tried to solve this by letting the hardware manager do its installation routine, but guess what: it always resulted in the same BSOD. I then looked into the device manager and first disabled, and after that didn't work uninstalled the SCSI/RAID device that made trouble (st3mp28 it was called by the way). I afterwards installed 3.47 without any problems to clean up the failed installation attempts of 3.29.

But even after rebooting then - the "New Device Found" message did not vanish but came up initially. When I look into the device manager though, no device can be seen and the message disappears as well. I could probably live with this but I imagine I would get severely annoyed by this after some time, so help on solving this would be appreciated. I already checked a few other topics that said I should delete the system32/drivers/dtscsi.sys and reboot, but this didn't help either.

Ah, I just noticed that, even after removing all instances of D-Tools now, all that installing/uninstalling left me with another virtual drive that I cannot disable. Can I just go ahead and disable/uninstall it in the device manager, or are there other things I must do as well?

So, to make a long story short, I have the following problems:

1. New Device Found through 3.29 that leads to a BSOD when I try to install it but didn't disappear when I disabled the referring scsi controller.

2. A virtual drive (Generic STEALTH DVD SCSI CdRom) that appears kinda lost and that I'm unable to remove through means of software.

3. I cannot install D-Tools 3.29 because that would lead to the feared BSOD as well, which results in three questions:

a) how to get it to work/install without screwing my system
b) is there an alternate way to mount fastboot images
c) how to create selfboot images that newer versions of daemon-tools can understand?

I hope these questions aren't too hard to solve =/

A few obligatory system specs if needed:

OS winxp SP2
AMD Athlon64 3200+
512mb ram
nvidia 6600 GT

I also use alcohol but I don't think it's related.

Thank you for reading and trying to help me.
(and sorry if there should be any weird grammar/spellingconstructs)

24.02.2006, 18:47

Sorry, but after over 150 views I would have expected someone to solve my problem, since it is persistent and starts to be an annoyance. Any help would... well, be appreciated.

02.04.2006, 14:11
Sorry for the language - but this is unbelievable. I put some serious effort into describing my problem, yet you still refrain from replying. I am deeply disappointed by what you call support.

02.04.2006, 16:49
Well, why didn't you post in the German forum at the first place?
Anyway, you could've helped yourself easily already by taking a look in our common problems and solutions forum:
Also watch your language - actually the support for obsolete versions ends when the new version is released (see EULA).
There was no intention to let you wait this long for an answer though - we try our best to give answers as soon as possible, this doesn't work all the time. But we also expect the users to read the information already given, e.g. in the common problems forum, and/or by using the search function.