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21.11.2002, 13:56
Sorry to ask for support again,

but i also need a Cdrw burn program to burn cue/bin in Mandrake 9.0,

i always used a registerd version of Cdrwin.

Any ideas which program to use ?

thnx in advance

21.11.2002, 16:38
There are lots of burning software support CUE/BIN file.
Alcohol 120% http://www.alcohol-soft.com
CDRWIN http://www.goldenhawk.com/ or http://www.cdrwin.info/

I have one qestion, most Linux image file are in ISO format, why you got CUE/BIN. :wink:
I think you can just change the file extension of BIN file to ISO file.
Lots of buring software support ISO file.

21.11.2002, 19:10
I think Maxwell is looking for a Mandrake Linux 9.0 burning software able to write bin/cue-images ... not for a software to write Mandrake 9.0 images ;)

21.11.2002, 19:49
did u try KonCD?

22.11.2002, 10:33
Copytrooper is right, any suggestions for the program ?

22.11.2002, 10:44
Sorry, you are right, I don't see the in.. :-)

There are lots of free buring software, just use the RPM file tools in your Mandrake Linux 9.0. and search burning or recordring, you will see lots of tools there. :-)
Some of them are GUI tools. very easy to use.