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21.06.2003, 18:01
Do D-T support the game with starforce 3 protection? Lately i bought a chinese game, SANGO4, which is protected by startforce. However, i have problem everytime i want to run the game. I cannot pass the cd checking session ( I am buying the original). From the support forum, i found out that this game cannot be play on cd-rw drive (I am playing on notebook with combo drive);
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and must use the ordinary cd rom to play it. The other method is to emulate using the rpms from alcohol, but total need to unplug the powercord to the combo drive. Is it anyway to play this game...any emulation without remove my combo drive from the multibay....I really want to play this game...although the cd protection methods suck...i cannot get in even i update to the latest release or patch from the game company... :( :( :( :(

21.06.2003, 18:31
Unfortunately thereґs no other way. Starforce3 uses own IDE-drivers, which donґt allow SCSI-devices to be used - regardless if theyґre "real" or "virtual" - if youґve any IDE-CD-device present in system.