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22.06.2003, 10:08
I am having problems with rise of nations. Safedisk 2.7. I installed using image, and everything worked fine, but when I updated the patch it kept asking me for cd. It seems kind of pointless to me to use the emulator if I have to keep inserting my original cd, Can anybody help me with this.

22.06.2003, 12:06
Which version of Daemon-Tools are you using?

It is quite common to include blacklists for Daemon-Tools in games' patches (i.e. mechanisms to check whether DTs are installed and quite the game if positive);
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so switch to the newest version of DTs if you don't have it already. If that version is newer than the patch, it should work.

26.06.2003, 03:51
I am using dt 3.33