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11.02.2006, 17:30
im a newbie here and im trying to understand how this works. i tried going to the manual, but that seems to be a bad link. i have the latewt version of DT and clonecd. id like to be able to play from a badkup cd. looks like i have successfully copied the 3 cd's from my game (doom3) after mounting with DT and using clonecd. but when i try to play with my backed up cd#1, doom3 doesnt start and tells me to insert cd #1. i dont get it. if i am in the wrong forum, i apologize. please direct me if i am. if i am in the right forum, please help on what i could have done wrong. thanks

11.02.2006, 20:08
First yor manual:

I recommend not to use CloneCD because it's a bit outdated (no DPM support, only with twinpeak) and blacklisted by many protections.
I would deinstall CloneCD and use Alcohol 120% (www.alcohol-software.com) or Blindwrite.
To get working images you just have to start the image assistent of Alcohol and choose the Safedisk 2/3 profile.
The reading process may take long time, that's normal for Safedisk protected games.
After you got your images with Alcohol use Daemon-Tools or Alcohol for mounting them.

11.02.2006, 22:18
ok, i will try that. but here is my issue. normally i mount first and then use clonecd (with the protected game setting) to make backup copies onto cd. is this wrong. id like to get good working backups. thanks

12.02.2006, 00:40
To get good working backups the best tool is Alcohol 120%.
You can scan the protection of the cd you want to copy with A-Ray Scanner or look into the database, then you know it's protection.
Just choose the profile of Alcohol for this protection and you'll get a good image.
Some protections need some extra tools to get the games working, for this see this thread.

16.02.2006, 02:35
thanks everyone for all your help. great forum