View Full Version : "Icon file not found"

12.02.2006, 14:54
Every time I start D-tools, I get a message saying "Icon file not found". After clicking OK, D-tools didn't start. I reinstalled D-tools, and then it works, but only once...

What's going on?

13.02.2006, 10:54
Im getting exactly the same problem it looks like the last image i mounted is still there fine but D-Tools iteself dosent load.

23.02.2006, 21:25
I'm getting the same error, but when I manually enter the folder and start daemon through the exe it works fine.

So in short, to fix it, create a new shortcut, the rest is rambling.

Well I did replace the .ico files as well, but I doubt that helped at all since my shortcut still got the error.

How I ended up with the error:

I'm running windows xp x64, Symantec antivirus 10.

I downloaded v 4.03 for x64 and launched the install, choose upgrade and got stuck on the stpd thingy. I used sptdinst_x64.exe remove to get around that and managed to install it and mount my image fine. I had securom emulation enabled when I turned it off and I launched SW empire at war from that image using antisecurom and got an error that crashed the game. I thougth nothing off it and did some other things.

Options I have enabled in daemon are: secure mode, automount, autostart and tray icon.

Anything else that might help you just ask. But it might have to do with old icons remaining after the upgrade and not functioning or something. It seems very likely since the new shortcut I created just now works, while the old one in my start menu isn't.

23.02.2006, 21:31
Sorry for making a second post, but I realised why just now, I'm so stupid...

The created daemon shortcut refers to ""C:\System Volume Information\_restore{7963617F-3B99-4A6A-AC5D-71B1044D4A86}\RP75\A0009230.exe"" and would obviously have trouble after a reinstall. I have no idea where I got that shortcut from, but I guess I dragged it from the recetly used programs or something. :)