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23.06.2003, 15:21
What should I use for that game? Safedisk 2? SecuROM? Or some other type? I am using Alcohol 120%, and I would appreciate any help... :)

23.06.2003, 15:25
I think SD2 is correct - GTAIII was protected by SD2, so the add-on should be also :?:
Oh, no - our Game Database says SecuROM - so Iґm wrong ... :oops:

23.06.2003, 15:51
Many, many thanks... :) I couldn't find it first, then looked under "G = GTA"... :)

I need another coffee... LOL

09.07.2003, 16:02
actually i heard gta 3 was using SD3 (safedisc 3)
and i just did a cd to cd copy with both cds and it was working nice and i used plain old NERO!
:!: :)

15.07.2003, 23:54
nah, safedisc 3 isn't even out yet (except maybe in beta stage);
and it surely wasn't when GTA:VC went gold.

copytrooper was right.

16.07.2003, 17:09
SECUROM 4.x : need RPMS emulation
Use ALcohol120 or Blindread
and then DAEMON


29.11.2003, 03:17
BlindWrite5 was able to successfully image the play cd. I mounted and played the game without emulation. I am currently burning a test cd to see if it reproduces correctly.

29.11.2003, 04:45
The burned copy did not work so it did not get that successful. However, it may be due to my burner not being able to do EFM encoding properly. It can do it almost correctly but not completely. Fortunately, the image does work properly so if someone with a LiteOn burner which can do EFM encoding properly or another burner that has the capability see if they can do it successfully?

29.11.2003, 10:33
SecuROM doesn't need EFM! You've to use e.g. Alcohol's SecuROM new v4.x profile with DPM to create an image, then either play from image or write RMPS media to cd-r, then play with enabled RMPS emulation.