View Full Version : I am getting the kernel debugger error and a sptd error

15.02.2006, 07:56
On the left is my Daemon Tools error. I don't know how to get rid of it. On the right is the sptdinst_x86 program that would help fix my Daemon Tools error. But I don't know how to use this program, so I can't fix Daemon tools. Anyone please help.
http://img7.picsplace.to/img7/10/thumbs/Help.jpg (http://img7.picsplace.to/img.php?file=img7/10/Help.jpg)

15.02.2006, 10:49
Run "sptdinst_x86 add" and reboot.

15.02.2006, 18:51
I go into command prompt and enter "sptdinst_x86 add". It says that I am going to install this:
http://img4.picsplace.to/img4/20/thumbs/stpd.jpg (http://img4.picsplace.to/img.php?file=img4/20/stpd.jpg)

But then After I click it, this error appears. This is the same error I get when I am trying to initially install Daemon Tools.
http://img4.picsplace.to/img4/20/thumbs/cmd_error.jpg (http://img4.picsplace.to/img.php?file=img4/20/cmd_error.jpg)

15.02.2006, 20:43
Try to disable anti-virus, or to run sptdinst.exe in safemode.