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24.06.2003, 15:20
First I wanted to say that DAEMON TOOLS ROCKS! :D I've been using CDSpace trial for a while now, and it is so very buggy. I installed Daemon Tools and I've gotten rock solid performance so far! Keep up the great work!! :mrgreen:

However, I'm trying out Alcohol and I made a copy of a Encyclopedea CD in Cue/Bin and while there were no errors in creation or mounting by DaemonTools, when I explored to the drive, there was nothing there... I mean Explorer didn't say there was no cd in driver or anything, but there were NO files visible. So I made an ISO with Alcohol, mounted it, and VOILA, the files are there as they should be. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I may try making a CUE/BIN again, because the first time I made it I used the Datatype of "Customize" in Alcohol, but the ISO I made with "Normal CD".

Along this line, what format is it better to create my backups in? I read that the CUE/BIN format isn't a good one.

Again, keep up the great work guys! 8)

24.06.2003, 16:04
MDS is best format to use, especially if you use alcohol. CCD is second best. Then cue/bin, then iso.

24.06.2003, 17:38
Thanks for the reply! What if I wanted to convert the MDS or CCD to ISO at some future time...are there utilities to allow me to convert?

24.06.2003, 18:06
You could mount an image to a virtual drive, then re-read an image in different format. But some formats don't support some stuff copy protections use. For example, iso and cue/bin don't support sub-channel data and dpm.