View Full Version : Daemon Tools Auto-Mount v1002 - doesn't work!

Captain Caveman
21.11.2002, 23:22
I didn't know where to put this as there isn't a forum for daemon-tool addons..

Anyway, the Daemon Tools Auto Mount Utility hasn't worked for myself for quite some time. I don't know if its a newer version of Daemon-Tools that caused the problem or if its an XP issue.

I had it working a year or so ago so I know its nothing I'm doing wrong.. just curious if anyone else figured out a way to get it to work as its a very useful tool. I don't want a ton of Virtual Drives if I don't need em.

21.11.2002, 23:34
Probably an incompatibility with the latest D-Tools version. There's already another post about this issue (next time use the search function BEFORE posting!!!!);
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Andareed will update the program soon!

Captain Caveman
21.11.2002, 23:38
My apologies.. I never searched but checked some of the forum topics..

I should've known better.. thats for sure ;)