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24.06.2003, 20:10
I've been using DT a long time now on XP SP1 but i suddenly had this problem:

I changed the number of devices in DT and it caused the BSOD. After that my system would boot and instantly crash after I logged in. So I formatted my hard drives thinking it was just a one off bug and reinstalled everything. But now if I even try to install DT it gives me the BSOD.

(Couldn't find an email to send my minidump files to. Sorry!)

Burning software installed:

BlindWrite Suite v4.5.0.68
Nero Burning ROM v5.5.10.35
Stomp RecordNow MAX v4.5 (Veritas Product)

*edit* Daemon-Tools v3.33 *edit*


24.06.2003, 21:02
Try Blindwrite 4.5.2 - it fixes a problem with its Autoplay driver which could cause this problem.

24.06.2003, 23:19
Thanks alot, much appreciated! :D

14.08.2003, 10:10
I have the same problem but BlindWrite was never on my PC.
I change number of devices from 2 to 1 > crash (BSOD)
After Reset is changing OK.
SW: WinXPSP1,CloneCD 4202, Nero 60011, ForceASPI
Autoplay audioCD,dataCD is disabled with CloneCD option.

14.08.2003, 14:35
Check if C:\windows\system32\drivers\pcatip.sys exists.

15.08.2003, 07:09
No, this file not exists on my PC. Where can I get this file? What is doing?

15.08.2003, 16:43
Please send you minidump to andareed@daemon-tools.cc