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16.02.2006, 22:44
Hi, excuse my ignorance in this wonderful tool. I had used an old version, I believe its version 3.33. I never had any problems with it, until my pc fried for other reasons.
I have a new pc and its a P4 3.0 x64bit system. I installed the 3.33 version and in the middle of the installation it rebooted and now hangs in the boot screen. I've looked thourgh all the possilbe solutions such as, deleting sptd files (although my pc indicated that there is no sptd installed files)., the other possible daemon drivers...P364 or 367 drivers I think it was called...And noticed the PnP bios error in my device manager that I removed. But still hangs at boot screen. Is the procedure in solving the 3.33 version different from the rest of ther versions such as the V4 and the one before that? Need Help :confused: ...Thank you kindly...:)

16.02.2006, 22:49
Manual removal procedure of such obsolete version is mentioned in these threads:

It is NOT recommeded to use such old version on 64bit CPU. Always try newest version first.

16.02.2006, 23:54
Thank you so much for that speedy response. Wow! that was great. As soon as I get home from work, I'll try it. I forgot to mention, but I kind of assumed that you have already guessed that it doesn't show up in the Add/Remove Programs. But I'll try the other method on the second string.

Thanks Again. I highly recommend this program and forum to everyone.

17.02.2006, 05:39
None of those files were found in regedit either. Any other suggestions?

17.02.2006, 11:52
The most important part is the removal of Daemon Tools driver files (st3????.sys files, if you're unsure ask before removal) - did you remove them?

18.02.2006, 20:33
Hi, I don't have those driver files either..No st3???.sys files
Do you possibly recommend some removal tool programs?

18.02.2006, 21:03
Well, this is the closest named file that resembles what you have had suggested. I tried all the driver files you mentioned in regedit and under drivers. Should I delete this st3wolf file?

Reminder: This is due to slow boot up and not being able to uninstall.

18.02.2006, 22:14
Yes, delete st3wolf.sys - and, if also still present, st3bus.sys.