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17.02.2006, 22:20
i was switching my computers when i got a new motherboard.i was putting my ram in but somehow i put it in backwards(surprised myself) i turned my pc on and quickly smelled something really hot.(my ram getting really hot) i turned everything off quickly and noticed my ram.so i put it in normally but since then all i get are beeps(long beep<pause> long beep<pause>non stop) i have 3 slots and i tred moving my ram in all 3 slots but still nothing worked.my screen doesnt even start. everything on my mobo works so im not sure if my mobo is screwed. i know my ram isnt because im using it on my other pc rite now and it works fine. i have a feeling maybe when i put it in backwards something happened to my slots.
CPU-pentium 4 1.6Ghz
Graphics-geforce4 mx4000
thats all i have connected when i try to start it up(well keyboard and mouse too)
HELP nothing works even jumpers i treid already

18.02.2006, 00:38
No need to double post.

22.02.2006, 02:16
Uh, that shouldn't be possible. There are little "keys" that prevent this, so .... did you break them off or something?

Your board sounds like its under waranty, try to RMA it.

BTW, you may want to try running a memory test program on that RAM, try a program called prime95, it runs in windows. Run a torture test, if it passes a few hours without an error, you're good. If it finds an error, its likely you damaged that too. (bad ram can still boot to windows in some cases).

23.02.2006, 00:23
i did that and my ram came out good no errors. i dunno someything is wrong with my mobo but it seems working

23.02.2006, 11:19
look in your mobo manual! there should be a description what the beeps mean... RTFM ;)

24.02.2006, 02:44
i know wat my beeps mean. it means that no memory(RAM)is being detected but i put it in correctly it still beeps

24.02.2006, 08:53
have u ever tried to put in another RAM?!
try that and tell us if it worked...

26.02.2006, 08:27
acually i did try it and it didnt work.it was a 256mb brand new

26.02.2006, 12:09
what bios have your motherboard? Award, Phoenix,AMI.

The beeps depends of it.

27.02.2006, 05:48
i have an award

27.02.2006, 22:08
A friend of mine also put his ram backwards in some time ago. I also thought that this is not possible but on some boards these "keys" seem to be not as hard as they should.
He had to get a new MB after this.

01.03.2006, 06:06
It's not easy, but it is indeed possible to put RAM in backwards. In which case, your RAM and your mobo are both hosed. I've seen it on more than one occasion from our customers. Certainly not what you wanted to hear, but it's the sad truth. If you pull the RAM out and look at it, I'm certain you'll see portions of the contacts at the bottom that have burned off.

02.03.2006, 03:48
but my ram works perfectly!!

02.03.2006, 13:51
I just re-read your original post. I must have overlooked where you said that. You got extremely lucky with the RAM then, but it still sounds like your mobo is fried. Usually what happens is that the contacts get burned off the RAM, and that burns onto the RAM slots which fries the mobo as well. In this case, somehow the RAM came out intact but the board still got fried. Not entirely sure how, but I've learned over the years not to question some of the stranger things that happen with computers.

03.03.2006, 05:07
but everything else works on the mobo

03.03.2006, 15:44
You said nothing would come up on the screen and you'd get nothing but POST error beeps when you turn it on, so how do you know everything else works? Just because the fans spin up, that doesn't mean your board is good. Trust me, "it's dead Jim". Working on computers for a living, I've seen this more than once. Even had a co-worker do it once on accident (for which we occassionally rib him over it). Your only hope is that you can still RMA the board for a replacement.