View Full Version : RMPS emulation? with(out) burned copy?

25.06.2003, 18:03
I have a question about the RMPS emulation.

can i, load the cdimage of a Securom *New* 4.8x protected game in the Daemon Toolz Virtual Drive and use the RMPS emulation when i store a mds file, with the same name like the cd-image, in the directory of the cd-image?
Must i have to burn the image first with alcohol120 and mds support.
and then using the burned copy with daemon toolz (but without the cd-image in the virtual drive) and activated RMPS emulation?

25.06.2003, 18:09
For sure you can play from mounted image - thatґs what the virtual drives were created for ;)

29.06.2003, 02:11
hmm, i thinlk should ask better questions
my real question is, can i use the RMPS emulation of the daemon tools just with the normal (maybe cloneCD image) cd-Image or duo i need a *.mds file?

if i do not need an mds or bwa file,
my question is, where are the information stored wich are needed to emulate RMPS (cd-sector reading time or st.)

29.06.2003, 04:02
You DO need an mds or bwa file to use dpm/rmps emulation.

29.06.2003, 09:51
Ah, if I re-read your 1st question you try to mix image files, e.g. ccd + .mds with DPM-data so RMPS-emulation should work for ccd-image - thatґs not possible ґcause .mds and ccd are different.
The DPM data is stored in .mds/.bwa-file - together with all other info about the image, thatґs why mixing .mds and ccd does not work.