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24.02.2006, 01:23
Hi, I've just downloaded the new 403-86.

During the installation the program tells me to reboot, and so I do.

The problem occurs when Windows is starting up again. Just when I get a glimpse of the xp-logon screen, the pc just restarts..

I had to start in safety mode (Last working config..) to get it working again. Is there anything I can do about ut?

Some info:

OS: Windows XP Professional with SP2
Language: Norwegian
Mainbord driver: Intel 8xx Chipset
Video driver: ATI Radeon video driver
Audio driver: C-Media CMI9880L for ASUS
DVD Software: DVD Solution 2ch "DS 2.0A"

Hope you can help me! Its very annoying

24.02.2006, 11:11
You shouldn't have use last good config, but boot into safe mode and press ESC when prompted to abort loading of sptd.sys, then rename/remove that driver and check if it solves the issue.
Anyway, do you have minidump available related to that crash (in Windows\Minidump folder)? If so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
If not check if you've one of the following files in Windows\System32\Drivers directory:
Do you use any anti-virus software? We had a report that McAfee anti-virus seemed to cause a problem.

24.02.2006, 16:51
Thanks for the reply!

Booting in safe mode (regular safe mode) works fine without any "Esc-hitting".

I use ezAntivirus from CA. I'll look for the dump.

02.03.2006, 22:47
There seems to be crash in aspi32.sys. What version of ASPI do you use?

19.03.2006, 10:44
In my case this problem was due to the presence of a StarForce protected game already installed in my computer.
And I had to remove the "prosync1.sys" file in order to achieve complete installation of Daemon-Tools. Otherwise it reboots more and more just after the WinXP boot logo.

I hope it will serve ..