View Full Version : How can I manually uninstall D-Tools?

27.06.2003, 23:05

I had a thread a few days ago wondering what to do about my installation of Daemon Tools, which caused my computer to reboot every time I went into Windows.

Since then, I've hooked up another hard drive and booted off a Windows installation on it, so I'm able to access the files on the original drive. I plan to delete the files that load up Daemon-Tools at startup, so that I can figure out exactly what the problem is. What I need to know is which files those are. If anyone can tell me the files that I should get rid of, that would be extremely useful.


Nick Halpern-Manners

28.06.2003, 01:37
You should remove C:\windows\system32\drivers\st*.* and pnp*.* after backing them up.

28.06.2003, 05:50
Thanks, I removed st3wolf.sys and stwlfbus.sys and the system booted up like a charm...

My new question is, how can I install Daemon Tools without my computer flipping out again? Is it possible?

28.06.2003, 17:31
Post your latest minidump file (from C:\windows\minidump). We can then analyze this file and maybe help you out.

28.06.2003, 21:21
Here (http://www.its.caltech.edu/~nhalpern/Mini062703-02.dmp) is a link to the latest minidump file.

That one was from after I removed st3wolf.sys and stwlfbus.sys. Here (http://www.its.caltech.edu/~nhalpern/Mini062503-18.dmp) is one from right in the middle of all the problems, when it was constantly rebooting.

Hopefully that helps!



28.06.2003, 23:16
Your problem is with pcatip.sys, which is part of blindwrite. You should get latest version and see if this fixes your problems.