View Full Version : Error with CureROM and Star War's Epire At War

24.02.2006, 04:39
Having trouble when trying to use curerom with star wars empire at war the exact error i am getting is this

CureROM could not start its anti-blacklists measures. Recommended you restart you machine ...

I have restarted several time and still recieve the same error

Currently using DT4 And Curerom 1.3.1

Any help woudl be appreciated Please


24.02.2006, 08:53
search the forums before posting

this is a known problem and will be fixed

24.02.2006, 21:57
i've searched the forum and there is nothing i could find about this problem. if i overlooked something maybe you could show me the thread.....

24.02.2006, 22:28
just wait, a fixed version of curerom will be released in near future, it will resolve this known issue