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29.06.2003, 06:17
OK, I decided I want to buy 13 licenses for Daemon Tools, one for my server and 12 for the clients. I did see the prices and that's cool with me...

I think the program is REALLY impressive and I want to congratulate to the team who made this possible.

Now I have a question: When I go through the payment procedure (I plan to pay per credit card) and order 13 licenses for my business, how does this EXACTLY work? Do I get 13 different "codes" or "numbers" or "keys" with which to upgrade the program on my machines?
By right-clicking the Daemon Tools icon on the taskbar I don't see a link like "Upgrade Now!" or "Enter registration key" anywhere...

Please enlighten me, I want to be a supporting customer! You can also email me at ngnisoftware@hotmail.com... :)

29.06.2003, 14:41
Hello NGNI Café,

nice to hear that :)

I send you the desired information to your email-adress. Thank you for supporting us. I've added some advantages legal users will have over not-licensed users (newer versions, f.e.)

29.06.2003, 19:18
OK, great - I'll check it out and post back here, when I am done with the order... :)

29.06.2003, 19:35
Ok, I bought the 13 licenses, and made a print out of the receipt... As you indicated in your email, I also registered in the Share-it page with "NGNI Cafe"... :)

16.07.2003, 07:51
Just outta curiosity, what advantages does "registered" user have over non-registered ones? I mean, other than future updates, can registered user gets a version that would "at least" allow more than one virtual drives?

16.07.2003, 10:48
(...) can registered user gets a version that would "at least" allow more than one virtual drives?
No, registered user will also have limited number of drives, but itґs not only one drive, but up to 4 virtual devices.

16.07.2003, 12:57
Registered Users profit from a very fast support and are provided with the newest Daemon Tools before public release. Moreover, for commercial purposes, you must register Daemon Tools, but have the advantage of custom-tailored features (f.e. integration into other products)

16.07.2003, 13:07
How much earlier than everyone else do they get it?

16.07.2003, 15:55
Depends on the need of public release, if Daemon Tools is blacklisted, it could be only some days, but it's also possible that public release is weeks later