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awxdtools: Unable to access image

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  • awxdtools: Unable to access image

    I get this error message everytime I try to mount something using the awxdtools context menu. I already tried uninstalling/reinstalling d-tools as well as awxdtools and everytime the same problem.

    As for now, I'm going back at v3 and the old awxdtools, but if anyone knows how to solve this, would be great

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    I've got the same problem.


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      I've got the same problem, too.
      Please help us!


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        if youre using a cue file, open it with notepad, and make sure the image file name is corect.
        this problem usually happens after you make an image, and then rename it, and you dont update the cue file.


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          This problem also happens when I want to mount a mds/mdf image.


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            Originally Posted by Simon_Gangster
            This problem also happens when I want to mount a mds/mdf image.
            make sure both the mds and mdf files have the same name.


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              This is definitely a problem with awxdtools because I can mount images using Daemon Tools tray icon or CureROM for example.


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                Hey all,

                as far as I can tell, this error only appears, when you try to mount an image which is located in a path with spaces.

                "C:\MyPath\MyImage.iso" is mountable, while
                "C:\My Path\MyImage.iso" is not


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                  That's strange, because when I was using it with Alcohol until this last version I pointed it to "F:\Game CD ISO's\<game>\<image.mds>" and it worked fine. Spaces weren't a problem for me. This was in x64, but that shouldn't make a difference. What OS are you running? If possible, have you tried mounting from another drive other than C: ? Perhaps there's the key difference.


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                    I get this error message only for images located on a network drive, i.e. non-local. Blank spaces have nuffink to do with it. It's obvious that awxdtools needs a lot more work.

                    C'mon folks, what would it take to support such right-click mounting features natively in DT, and not have to bother w/third party half-assed SW? I know, your focus is protection removal blah blah blah etc., but, heck, does it take so much to just slide this one in, especially since fans seem to be requesting ever so often? I find this to be so useful a feature, to the point where I cannot imagine a drive emulation SW that doesn't have it.

                    Thanks, anyway, for DT.