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  • Help....PLEASE

    ok, i currently own Medal of Honor: Allied Asault and both my CDs are getting to be really scratched up. I would really like to make some back up copies before Im stuck with nothing. So far Ive learned that CDs have some kind of protector on em and have gotten this far. I have also found out that Medal of Honor Allied assault uses "SafeDisc 2.51.021." I cant really figure out what to do next to make a copy of the cds and am getting really frustrated. Can somebody please help me? :oops:

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    1st itґd be good to know your writer model, ґcause SD2 is very hardware related since SD2.51.021 (and even more since 2.90.x)!
    If your writer canґt make a working backup with a normal RAW-copy, try either Daemon Tools fast dump feature, then play with enabled SafeDisc emulation, or check out Alcohol.
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      I have a CD-RW hp-cd writer 16x8x40x max speed. Is that what you needed?


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        You will have to use bypass efm error option when burning. You might also need to enable safedisc emulation, as copytrooper stated.