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dvd wont burn

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  • LocutusofBorg
    unnecessary to answer the questions of the thread-starter
    as she/he was never online again here since she/he posted.

    Suggestion: When you run across such postings, check first
    the profile of that user and on the left side "Last Activity:"

    When user is unable to even monitor the thread that she/he
    started THEMSELFES - it is waste of time to answer.

    We even think about to prune such threads as they're often
    not usefull because they lack information and/or the user
    solved the problem but was too lazy to even post 2 words,
    like "problem solved"

    just my 2cent

    if then really interest persists and the absence was not foreseeable,
    the user should recreate the thread and "maintain" it - just as
    if here real people try to help and invest their real time! And not
    bots who get not annoyed by such people

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  • joeboy
    A cyclic redundancy error is usually caused by a dirty disc or scratch. If the disc appears clean & there are no visible scratches or marks then it could just be a faulty disc.

    Have you tried using DVD Decrypter with 'ignore read errors' checked in the settings menu? that should get you through the unreadable part of the disc although it could take some time doing it depending on how many sectors are affected

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  • robbo
    regarding the problems with Alcohol why not send Support a copy of the System Report from the Disc to Alcohols Support maybe it will say what is causing the errors.
    Last edited by robbo; 08.09.2006, 09:18.

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  • Jito463
    I'll attempt to translate from Manglish (Mangled English) to English.

    It sounds like he's trying to copy an unprotected DVD with CloneDVD2, but it's giving him CRC errors (whether while burning or reading I'm not sure, though I guess while burning). He apparantly is getting errors with Alcohol 120% and Nero 6 as well (DVD Shrink uses Nero for burning, so it's the same thing), with Nero giving him some error about the region settings. He's pulling his hair out (which given it's been 3 days he may not have any hair left ).

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  • NetSoerfer
    Could you please try to describe your problem in more detail, and preferrably with correct punctuation and in complete sentences? I've read your message three times now and still can't make any sense of it.

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  • kathryn 69
    started a topic dvd wont burn

    dvd wont burn

    can anyone tell me why clond2 copies up to 98% then stops and tells me cyclic redundancy error try cleaning dvd did this but still wont work have also tried alcohol 100%,nerov6 and dvd shrink nero said something about regions have never come across this before dvd not encrypted please anyone pulling hair out