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CloneCD format / CUE-BIN comparison...

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  • CloneCD format / CUE-BIN comparison...

    (Hopefully posting this in the right spot)
    I've been wondering about this for the last couple of days...

    I downloaded 2 images of the same CD (and it's 100% legal stuff if you wanna know -- game disk from the 90's now turned freeware):
    - One is a couple files in BIN/CUE format and weights 354 Mib. Once mounted by DT the contents of the CD amounts to 308 Mib... Fine.
    - The second image is a CloneCD one, comprised of the usual 3 files, the plain text .CCD file, the actual CD image .IMG file (weights 752 Mib) and the .SUB file (30.7 Mib) for a total of 783 Mib. Obviously once mounted though, the contents appears to be exactly the same as with the first image and weights of course the same 308 Mib to the very last byte.

    I have installed and play tested the game with both image and as far as I can tell there identical...

    Now here are a couple of interesting (to me at least) questions:
    1)- How come the CloneCD image totals 783 Mib for a CD whose contents only amount to 308 Mib?
    2)- And how come the CloneCD image is more than twice the size of the ISO image, given the two are images of the exact same CD?
    I know barely about this subdata stuff, which (if I got it right) means that there's actually more data on the CD than just the displayed contents when you open it (why make things easy when you can make them cryptic?... ( ;-_-)). So supposedly there might be hidden data too.
    3)- Does it mean that the CloneCD image is "more complete" in some way than the CUE/BIN one? Or, to put in in reverse, does the CUE/BIN image lacks some stuff that are present in the CCD image?

    4)- Ultimately my concern is that I of course want to make room and get rid of one of these 2 images, so do you reckon I would loose any additional game data if I erase the CloneCD image and keep the much smaller in size CUE/BIN? Or am I right to assume that the difference in size is irrelevant and the SUB file useless?

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    I obviously meant "CUE/BIN image" and not "ISO image" in question #2)


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      Errr... c'mon, nobody? Is my little issue too complex (don't believe that) or too boring to deserve any answer? (^__^)


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        Complete sectors (also weak/bad) are included in CCD, also subchannels. That's why image is bigger.
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          Ok, thank you for enlightening me a bit! ^^
          If I understand correctly, CloneCD images are perfect 1:1 images of the original, while CUE-BIN images merely reproduce the actual (visible) contents on the CD, right?
          Then for my particular issue here, the CCD, while an exact copy, most likely contains lots of irrelevant data not needed for the game on the CD...


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            No 1:1 images (no DPM information).
            Make something idiot proof, but then they just make a better idiot
            Peace Through Power