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Diablo 2 problem

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  • Diablo 2 problem

    ok I just recent got a laptop and I would really like to play some of my games on without the battery drain of the cd/dvd rom drive. Then a lot of the discs for my games are missing or heavily damaged (what can I say, I probably put brood war in and out of the cd drive over 2000 times).

    I have most of my games backed up as ISOs. I'm not exactly sure of the settings for the ISOs.

    so first the settings
    Im running Windows Vista.
    my CD/DVD drive is

    Them I'm pretty certain that I have the latest drivers & version of everything involved in the process.

    anyways, the first thing I did was load up my original Diablo 2 discs and burn them as ISO because they are still in working shape (regardless of being version 1.0). Then I grabbed a back up for the expansion and then I installed the original & the expansion through a virtual drive through DT.

    Now when I try to run the game it says, please verify that Diablo 2 is in your CD drive and please try again.

    Then I'm guessing that I'll have similar problems with my other games I want to install (WC3, SC & a few more)

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    If you use ISOs ,the games will not work. You have to use MDF + MDS. with Daemon Tools Pro it will work


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      ISO isn't going to work. Use DT Pro or Alcohol 52%/120% to make an image of your drives using the MDS format. Make sure you select the correct copy protection profile when creating the image.


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        I guess I'm going to have to pull some strings or end up re purchasing some games given the condition of some of my CDs. LoD disc is chipped. Brood war has the worse wear damage I have ever seen on a CD. Warcraft should be fine and I'll have to check on my other games. I hope that will fix the problems.