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  • Just a couple questions........

    Im wondering about games that have more than one cd like UT2003 for example, or icewindale... i have never tried before but im wondering if its possible to mount more than one volume in a cd.

    For example normally it would ask you for cd X, if i had all three cds mounted in the same drive letter right from install, would it just run through all of em and fully install... or if i was playing a game that was more than one cd would it ask me to switch.

    Baldurs gate would be a good example its 4 cds, and you do switch them often... is this possible?

    Also is there a program to disable aspi layers? My burner is a plextor 12/10/32a apparently it can burn most cd games but for some reason Ballerburg LOCKS ME UP... i use clony XXL and it says its disabling apsi layers, i use scan cd and then boot the game from CD and it works. but only once when i go back to play it later (without rebooting pc) it then locks me up again. Just wondering if anyone would know why it seems its a one time deal.

    Ive just mounted the game and installed it from the mounted drive and it works fantastically through Daemon.

    Thanks. Beats

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    If you have a game that has multiple cds, when it asks for another cd, just goto d-tools and mount the next cd. So you might have cd1.cue, cd2.cue and cd3.cue, and you would just mount them when needed.

    Alternatively, you could mount cd1 in device0, cd2 in device1, etc... However, this may not work for all games...

    As far as apsi layers, I can't help you. One of the other beta members or venom/swenske might know the answer...


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      To disable ASPI you must remove/rename WNASPI32.DLL and reboot.


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        more questions

        This is my CD Burner Plextor 12/10/32 (thanx El Tiburon) right outta the it can burn errors section of the website. Mines an A for internal i guess.... question is, im having trouble duping my Ballerburg 1:1 copy.. its works fine mounted in DT but ive burned 4 copies of this game with diff software including cdrwin. Is this a good burner or should i upgrade it? i can deal with the speed thats not an issue.

        Insektors... anyone used it? is it any good, does it work?

        and alchohol seems to be the rage around here... unfortunatly there site is down or something... can anyone tell me the latest version?

        thanks, im a pest i know, but im trying to learn here


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          AFAIK Ballerburg uses ProtecCD5 as protection, so you canґt make 1:1 copy - try Alcohol 120% or Blindwrite 4.2.2 to create an image, mount the image (.mds or .bwa) with Daemon Toolsґ virtual drive and play the game.
          Btw the 121032A is the ATAPI version of your PlexWriter ... the 121032S is SCSI
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            lol cant believe i wrote internal

            i knew it meant atapi but for some reason internal stuck in my head...

            can you tell me more about the .mds or.bwa, are they just forms of images?

            Whats a good program for finding out what protection is on a cd?

            Thanks IA, Beats


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              Thereґre different information about the protection used by Ballerburg - it could be SD2.51.02x ...
              do you play from your PlexWriter? Youґve to enable Daemon Toolsґ SafeDisc emulation or CloneCDґs Hide CD-R Media function ґcause newer SD2 version check ATIP ...
              .mds/.bwa-files are image files like .ccd - so just create an image, mount it, play and have fun
              Everybody be cool! You, be cool!
              They'll keep fighting! And they'll win!


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                safedisc worked thanks

                enabling safedisc on daemon tools worked great, it reads from the cd now, thanks alot guys your a great help.

                any programs i can look for to tell me what protections are on a cd? so i know what to use?



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                  Sure, look in this thread:

                  or, have a look at:

                  there's enough stuff that fit your needs