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Dark Messiah of M&M Demo

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  • Dark Messiah of M&M Demo

    Has someone been able to load this demo?
    I tried with securom and curerom, but it does not start at all. Is it protected with securom 7?

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    You don't need curerom to play the demo of M&MM!!!
    This is a demo, so you just install it and play it! no need of image or what else!
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      CureROM, just as Daemon Tools or any other additional tools, is only needed to play a game without having to insert the original CD or DVD.

      A demo doesn't come on a CD or DVD, so you won't need any of those tools. If the demo doesn't run on your computer, it's a problem with the game - please contact the game support for help with your problem.
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        Please, I know how Curerom and DT work, if u install the demo you can see it acts just as it was the whole game, it finds out u have installed programs like DT and such and shows the classic error "Remove virtual drivers". Has anyone really tried it?


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          Yes, I have it installed with Alcohol 120%. Works just fine. No problems on my end. And as the others said, you do not need any anti-blacklisting tools.


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            Daemon-Tools installed and running.
            Alcohol installed (I enabled VD to see if that changes somethig)
            The demo runs without complaining.
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              Probably some registry changes to circumvent earlier versions of SecuROM 7.
              The author of CureROM created some tools to fix this, you can find them here.