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HOW to HIDE Daemon tools when u have legal copy of games

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  • HOW to HIDE Daemon tools when u have legal copy of games

    Hi Guys

    I have legal copy of Star wars forces of corruption and I have DT 4.0 on my system but it wont let me play the game because it detects the daemon tools as emulation software. I use lots of other programs/games with daemon tools is there a way to hide daemon tools so this game will not see that I have the program on my system. The only way I have got this game to work thus far is to uninstall DT which is quite a pain.



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    First of all update to latest version of SPTD layer (v1.35) and Daemon Tools (v4.06).
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      Hi thanks for the reply. I do have the latest daemon tools 4.06 I thought 4 was a genral term for this verison. Also I'm going to show my ignorance what is SPTD layer (v1.35)? and where can I get it? ...extra note the game wont work now even with DT uninstalled and Ultra ISO and Blindwrite I don't know what it is picking up! I dont have this problem with any other shop bought disc!


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        I have been having a go at this all day and have found out that if you disable daemon tools and hide the virtual drive SWEAW FOC still sees an emulator but if you manual disable the virtual drive it does not! but it wont launch the opens the launch menu and when you click start game it just sits there! Does not read the disc anything (I have a legal copy btw and cant get it to work!)


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          its probably detecting blindwrite, its pcatip driver, or the ezplay / autoplay driver... if it gives an error code, click the link and it should say what the problem is...
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            I dont have blindwrite on the machine and no error code is given.....I have uninstalled everything that is to do with copying cd's etc from DT to nero and at last I have got it to work. I will now put DT back on and go from there....also what is SPTD layer?


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              For information on SPTD, please visit Duplex Secure's website.
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                Well, it's securom, and Judging by that and the new Sid's Railroads! the game will only work if you unmount all your images and use the origional for the time being. I've tried both with very little success. Anti-Securom, r34lrom, Cure-Rom, all wouldn't load either...
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                  YASU works for splinter cell double agent (1.01) which has securom 7.27.0014

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                  how ever it did crash if i had dvd rom disabled via device manager
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                    Version 1.01 have SecuRom 7.29.0009 but it works (that is the most important thing)
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