Just got a Sony DRU-510A and some disks, now would like to make some back up copys of DVD's. Have used DVD Shrink to slim movie down, but now need to know what to do next. Perhaps someone could tell me a better way of doing this and just what software I need. (freeware would be great). I have both + and - disks, so please tell me which you think would be better and I will go with it.

I have looked around and just don't seem to quite understand all that I need, at least not yet, but I am sure that if someone could get me going in the right direction, I will PROMISE not to keep asking dumb stupid questions. I am sure that if I read thru most of these forums I would probably find most of these answers, but figured that maybe someone would be nice enough to get me headed in the right directions.

Thanks, and I hope to learn more about this site as time goes by. Seems like a nice place and is very comfortable to me.