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Desperate for help with Jeff wayne's war of the worlds.

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  • Desperate for help with Jeff wayne's war of the worlds.

    Hi peeps, first time poster here.
    i have the disk to this game but it has seen many years of loving play and now wont install or play on my new machine. I have downloaded an image from the web and it installes fine but wont play.

    ClonyXXL says its secuROM alt.
    ProtectionID_v5.2b says unknown or none.

    i have tried Daemon 4.03 and alcohol 120% with all permiations of emulation and even gone to the extreme of unpluging my optical...

    Im assuming that the image has been burned wrong or something, but im desperate as this is a very rare game now, quite a pioneer in a few ways so i would hate it to fade into distant memory..

    i would be grateful if anyone can help! is it possible to rebuild the image or work around the problem?

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    No way - at least not here at our portal.

    Why I feel sorry for you (as you legitimate bought the game),
    we can not give you any hints or help with your downloaded
    game, sorry.

    That is why we mostly suggest to play from image and make
    good backup BEFORE such case happens. Now we can not
    do anything for you anymore, sorry. And even if we could, we
    would not do so - we do not support downloaded stuff, regard-
    less if you have original or not. We can only help you with your
    original. You can try to obtain that game from ebay, maybe
    someone sell it there. Or you can try to use repairkit for your
    old CD, or you can even contact the developer/publisher,
    maybe they replace the cd (also I doubt it, personal experience)