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  • Swap File Space Error

    i installed FIFA 07 Manager but when i try to play the game a error comes saying FIFA 07 Manager Needs atleast 768MB of free swap file space. please free the space n re run the game.

    Am havin arnd 11GB free space on my disk where the game installed.
    How do i free the space...??

    plz help me...


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    Seems you did not install the game on your system partition?
    You must have enough free space on your system partition (or where ever the swap file is).
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      and/or the max size for the swap file might be set to a daft number, allowing it not to grow to what it needs...
      and/or swap file is disabled...

      or.. the games using really shitty code to detect the freespace on the drive, and isn't taking into account the 'high' value of the freespace...
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        wat u guys think i shld do...??


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          You should look where your Windows swap file resides and how much free space that drive has. Then you should check if the size of the swap file is set to fixed or automatically managed.

          You can do both by right-clicking on the "My Computer" icon and selection "properites". In the appearing window you open the tab "advanced" and click on "settings" in the "system performance" (or similarily named) section. In the appearing window you again open the "advanced" tab and click on the "change" button. Now you see an overview of the swap file settings (locations, sizes,...) and can modify it to fit your needs.

          Please report back with your findings, if you need help with that.


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            yeah i did tht... but cld make it work....
            i uninstalled the game... n then reinstalled it into other directory...n made a 2 GB virtual memory n then da game worked...

            but now the game is very borin...


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              Originally Posted by nikhiljhingon View Post
              but now the game is very borin...
              Well, it is FIFA, so no surprise here.