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  • "wrong disk inserted"

    so im trying to install Warhammer 40k: fire warrior im using daemon tool v4.09he, i guess the installation went smoothly except when i try to run the game i get "wrong disk inserted" ive tryed other program to hide the virtual driver like YASU an alhcol120% but to be honest i dont know what im doing =(

    ive been reading the forums an FAQ but im not getting it. . . .

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    Could you scan game folder with ProtectionID please so we have the copy protection. Which settings do you used in Alcohol to create the image?
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      ok idiot alert lol

      ive got the same problem over here aswell only with GTA San Andreas, I have the ISO image and it installed just fine (including the DirectX) with Daemon tools lite but when it comes to running the game it just says "Wrong disk inserted, please insert CD/DVD" It is still trying to run from my drive (D in this case) when it should be trying to run from E (mount manager thing) How do i change it so it works lol ive looked through loads of options and forums but i cant find anything can someone please help


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        Try to recreate an image from original disc using corresponding profile (SecuROM, SafeDisc, etc.)