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    I have done like gamesfreak suggests in his reply, a while back, and I have a working copy of mountable images with Dameon Tools, but so far have not succeeded in copying it to make a backup CD-Rom, but that is not really I have found a problem, as I place the images in that case on high-capacity CD-R's and read them from the CD-R. I have done that with Warcraft III, LotR - WotR, LotR - RotK and NSFU.


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      Hi, i am trying to copy a copyrighted dvd movie. I ran Clonxxl but for some reason it either didn't work or it couldn't find any of the copyright software on it. When i tried using alcohol it wouldn't create the image becasue it said it was copyrighted.



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        DVD movies are encrypted with CSS. You have to use a program that removes the CSS encryption from the disc. Either one that removes it while copying, or one that removes it on the fly, allowing other software (such as Alcohol) to copy it.

        Myself, I use AnyDVD and CloneDVD.