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Problems w/ Fifa 2003

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  • Problems w/ Fifa 2003

    New to the forums here.. so please go gentle.

    I am having a problem running Fifa 2003 w/ Daemon Tools. I've upgraded to 3.26 to see if that would fix the problem. But alas.. and obviously it didn't. Or I would be here asking. :P

    Anyways my CD rom drive has a conflict w/ my computer so when I run games from it, I get hard drive read-outs. And hence, have to use Daemon tools for my games.

    When loading up Fifa.. I get the initial splash screen. Then it asks me to put in disk 2. Any suggestions?

    Again.. first time to the forums so please be gentle.

    Thank you for any helpful info.

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    Did you make an image of Fifa using Alcohol or similar soft? If so, just mount cd2's image into your daemon-tools drive.


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      I've got image through CloneCD. I mount it and everything on both drives too. Just to make sure.. and it still asks for it to be mounted. Basically it seems to not be reading it. I wonder if I have to clone the CD w/ a diferent program.

      Just sucks cause this is the only game I have to plug my CD Rom in for.


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        Make the image using alcohol, using the safedisc 2 profile. I don't see my it wouldn't work using clonecd though...


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          Did you also install from the image?
          Try and make sure that the FIFA CD2 is the only mounted image and there are no other CDs in your physical drives. If that won't help either tray and give the virtual DVDROM the lowest drive letter of all CD/DVDROMs.


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            Actually I don't believe I installed from the VCD's. Could this be causing the conflict?


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              Of course - or I wouldn't have mentioned it. Many games store the drive letter the game was installed from somewhere!


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                All recent fifa games are hotwired to run only from the drive from which the game was installed (unless you engage in some registry hacking; not recommended for beginners). Fifa 2003 is no different.

                If you want to run it from a virtual drive, then uninstall it and re-install from the mounted images on the virtual drive.


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                  maybe you can search the registry to find the place where the install-drive information is stored - change it and it might run...

                  worked with MechWarrior 4
                  "I was inappropriately blunt, wasn't I? Sorry, I do that a lot."


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                    Thanks all for the advice. Sorry I haven't repllied.

                    Surprisingly enough my CD rom drive is giving me probs. So I'll just play FIFA off of it. Although w/ all the suggestions I know what to do if I need to reinstall.