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    I have searched the forum and couldn't find any answers to my question.
    I have a few games here that I purchased through digital download that are protected with StarForce ProActive. Each time I install a new piece of hardware in the system and make a change to my system, and reinstall the game at a later time, I find that my disk key no longer works. I am tired of having to go to the online site where I bought the game in the first place to get a new disk key. I don't want to rely on having to always contact the company for a new key, and I am worried that if the company goes under or stops selling the game, then I will not be able to play the game again.

    Is any version of DT able to bypass this StarForce ProActive protection?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    DT can't bypass online activation. Only disk usage.
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      damn, thanks for the information. Is there any program that you are aware of that will bypass online activation, or would it have to come in the form of some specific crack?