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SC:CT / x64 / DT4 ???

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  • SC:CT / x64 / DT4 ???

    First let me start out by saying this post is in no way a request for information on the release of DT4. Enough said, I don't want this thread accidentally locked =)

    I PURCHASED splinter cell chaos theory about 3-weeks ago. To my surprise I discovered it doesn't work with Windows XP x64 version because of the starforce protection.

    I would like to know if anyone knows if it will be possible to run this game under x64 with DT4? I have seen posts on other forums from people who thought that it would, but it seems to me at least that DT4 is unlikely to fix any games that are already incompatible with x64. I have 30 days to take back the software. If DT4 is likely to fix the problem I will probably hang onto the game, otherwise it's going back to Best Buy.

    Perhaps one of the beta testers or one of the developers could lend some insight.


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    DTv4 will run on Windows XP x64, however as the game doesn't run at all because of the x64-incompatible version of StarForce, it won't run on DTv4 either.

    UK technical support claimed SC:CT runs in most cases if you set the game to run in XP/2000 compatibility mode, however I highly doubt that.

    You might also try the StarForce driver update.
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      DT emulates, that's it, you can't run SC:CT on an 64bit system, that's like asking "If I put the SCCT disc in a new dvd drive will it run on a 64bit system now?"


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        it won't work. because sf is a sort of a driver and sicne its 32 bit and winxp64 can't use 32bit drives. you won't be able to install the protection. which means the game will not run at all. no matter if dt is there or not.

        but writes to the makers of sf they might help you out on how to get it working on win64 maybe a new sf release


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          And then we all find out that DT4 doesn't even support 64 bit windows... /cry