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F.E.A.R. public tools for mod creation

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  • F.E.A.R. public tools for mod creation

    Why would Vivendi Universal Games put up a message like this
    Please Note: The digital release will not support the F.E.A.R. public tools for mod creation. This will not affect your gameplay experience or your ability to play mods. If you plan to create mods for the game, please purchase a boxed version.
    Why would they do that? Is it because there will be no product activation at all and you can share the download file with unlimited computers without Vivendi knowing (and thus give away the MOD development tools on P2P) OR is it because the MOD development tools are not even included at all because they are only on the retail boxed CD and every time you try to load the MOD development tools a CD-Check will be used or some other reason?

    Some reallly long direct download/purchase links which may expire:

    If none of these links work you can just visit and click the picture on the right of the screen that says "BUY AND DOWNLOAD F.E.A.R. TODAY!"

    The reason why I posted this is because it seams strange to force a CD on people so they can get all the benefit the retail box comes with-- especially if Vivendi Universal is showing they are willing to sell the product online.
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    my question is,

    is that even legal?

    I mean, someone who purchases the same exact game on Digital Download or CD/DVD, is it legal to strip the contents and basically "punish" someone for purchasing through an alternate method?

    Sorta like selling someone Blank CD/DVD-R's, but marking them unwritable because they may be able to burn pirate software and hand it out?

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      I wouldn't put that sort of idiocy past most developers.



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        Originally Posted by Dark Arbitor
        I wouldn't put that sort of idiocy past most developers.

        You mean you wouldn't put it past most publishers. Developers have pretty much nothing to do with it....
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          anyone got this to work without inserting the dvd?


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            Originally Posted by ((-V-))
            anyone got this to work without inserting the dvd?
            Yes. Search the forums. And don't post in a thread that has nothing to do with the DVD version of FEAR.
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