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Daemon Tools Lite v 4.30.3 - How to mount iso games? Please help me :(

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  • Daemon Tools Lite v 4.30.3 - How to mount iso games? Please help me :(

    First I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this kind of stuff. But if any1 of you do downloads games and play on pc. Please help me [/u]

    If this isnt allowed please delete the post or let me know then I will, thanks...

    1. Unrar the game.rar file.

    2. Open the iso folder.

    3. It apeares a game.iso.

    4. Install Daemon tools Lite v 4.30.3.

    5. Left click daemon tool lite icon.

    6. It appeares Device 0: [I] No Media, and I click on it.

    7. It opens a Folder says: Select Image file on top.

    8. I find my game folder, and clicks game.iso then press open.

    9. A clock apeares, and then disappeares quick.

    10. I left click Daemon Tool Lite icon.

    11. It apeares Device 0: [I] Game.

    12. I right click Daemon Tool Lite icon, and goes to Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, and goes to Device 0: [I] Game, then click Mount Image, and opens the image iso. Then a clock apeares and disapeares again.

    13. I go to My Computer, but theres nothing.
    * All my devices I got are: C:, D:, A:, E:, F:, G:, and H:.
    * There aren't any Device 0: [I] Game.
    * All of the drives are empty = A, E, F, G and H.

    - Why can't I mount the game to virutal drive?