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    whilst i understand the reason behind the forum validation, I believe this is screwed. It took me a good 20 attempts to try and create a user. The first validation code, I tried about 10 different variations of what it looked like it should be but i'm guessing it was either wrong, or i didnt try some variation of the upper and lower case characters. It really is quite hard to tell on some.

    So I refreshed tried a new code, didnt get it, refreshed until something easy, by which put i miss typed my e-mail address (you can delete the user john-). So as I couldn't login with that as I couldnt activate it, I had to do this again. I tried to save a copy of the images of particularly dodgy ones, but it turned out only saving one character and I cba to do a screen shot. The last code I used was fairly hard also, I think it might be the upper case k looking like a lower case one or something. So, after finally signing up, and being able to post (to complain about it:P) im guessing if other ppl have similar problems then u're getting a lot less people posting here than you could!

    Anything you can do about it? I'm guessing not as its phpbb etc, but I thought worth complaining about as it pissed me off!! I suggest try it a couple of times and see.



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    to be honest, I usually register customers from time to time and never runned
    into probs (serious). The colour is the key, blue means uppercase, orange
    lowercase. Nevertheless, of course we can do something against it and we will
    do something against it it's only a php-script.

    It just doesn't come to my attention that this validation cause so many
    trouble - we will redesign this function soon.


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      In that case just a simple note saying this would probably be useful on the page. A lower case blue 'n' is very easy to confuse with a lower case 'n' !! How are you supposed to know its uppercase? :P