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What ever is Daemon !

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  • What ever is Daemon !

    On another site I asked about making a virtual clone of a games CD & saving same to my HD. I have been told that Daemon is useful but also tricky & it plainly does not support Windows XP.

    What on earth is it? I have entered its web site, looked in vain for a teach-in, read installation notes to V4, installed same, read FAQ, and still do not know what Daemon is, does or can be used for.

    Why the mystery? btw, I have unistalled Daemon & its toolbar in sheer frustration. Bruce +++

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    Re: DAEMON Tools online help manual

    DAEMON Tools does support XP.

    Our help manual is detailed and here's a link to page 1:
    the modern world:
    net helpmsg 4006


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      Originally Posted by BruceThief37

      Why the mystery?
      yes I agree. I too was directed to this site, but I cannot find any info on what this software actually is or does.

      usually a softwares website has a list of features, maybe some screen shots etc but there is nothing like that here. It is just assumed that people who come here know what Daemon Tools is.

      so - what is it?


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        Did you read the manual?
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          and.. directed to this site... by what exactly?
          my views are 100% personal views..


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            There is a sidebar at the left and a button: "DAEMON Tools Help".

            There is a clearly description of functions and what is DT
            capable of - additional a description what DaemonTools is!

            You obviously did not read that site - and that is not our
            fault. When I enter a website, I first try to reach the
            HELP-page, so what? It's all there!

            Just check how many people come here and do not know what
            DT is good for, count the number of threads and postings....
            You will surely admit that the number is "managable", yes?


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              why not simply describe on the home page what this software does?

              its reather standard for a software homepage to briefly sum up what the software actually does.

              buring its description deep in the documentation, or several clicks in a website is counter productive. Typically people will read documentation to find out how, not what it is. Where is the features link? This again is typical on most software sites.

              seriously, just check out some other software websites and see how this site really is assuming that people already know what its all about it.


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                well, we think about it. Still the question remains: who did redirected you? I mean, what I don't get:

                a) when I'm redirected I know exactly what that site/soft is good for, why else should I follow otherwise a link to an un- known site? Especially nowadays?
                b) I do find the site via e.g. google. Then you will see what its about even in google (metainfos)
                c) I find the site "by accident"? Is that possible?

                However, just in case we will think about something that new users help to understand what DT actually is
                and its features. Because maybe you're right and we are indeed assume too much. This feature will be added
                by next "site-wash"


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                  Hah! Your funny

                  You know what? I just posted a thread to ask what the hell is Daemon tools pro, too! Than I saw this thread and read how you said "will update site on next wash" back in 2006! Its almost 2009 and I didn't see any quick description on homepage (which is why I asked). I seriously think ya'll didn't do "the right thing" for people who came by via search engine because you want the new registrations (a requirement to post a thread or comment).
                  I see how it is now....I also see what it is too (after wasting 10 minutes looking around aimlessly...the webmasters can bite me)